Social media marketing is getting too crowded, complicated & expensive for my business.
Can it still work for me? 

Spending increasingly more time & money posting endlessly to social media just isn't working anymore. Organic reach on Facebook is almost zero! Twitter is not much better. Your message seems to vanish into a stream of competing noise. Buying lots of ads temporarily increases your reach but that costs money & it's not clear how it helps build your business. Plus, social media apps add features so quickly it's impossible to understand how to use them effectively while you are trying to run your actual business!


You can use social media & the web to get discovered, create avid fans & nurture repeat customers.

Introducing Adilo Social Business.

A new category of service that combines & leverages social, web & location-based components to create a systematic marketing strategy. Help customers discover & explore your business, trust you enough to buy repeatedly, then share their experience with others.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Wifi

A complete social business marketing system.

Discover, Explore, Experience, Share.

1. Get discovered.

To build positive 'buzz' around your business, you first need to get discovered.

Fast creation or optimization of your Facebook + Instagram accounts, custom design & photos, daily posts... plus real-time reporting.

Everything you need to start building awareness, attracting fans & creating customers on social media.


2. Impress your audience.

Every business needs to take advantage of social media's incredible reach. But, on these platforms... you are just a renter. And, yes... you are renting your fans & customers' attention too.

A social-integrated landing page, micro-site or full, business website lets you start creating a customer experience that belongs to you.

Impress your customers with engaging content like whitepapers, videos, blog posts, articles, menus & surveys... anything that allows customers to explore your business.

Be ready with the right information in the right place when people want to know more about your business.


3. Deliver a complete experience.

Provide a complete customer service experience. Get the feedback & insight you need to keep your customers coming back to your business.

Let your customers simply check in at your location on Facebook while connecting to wifi at your location. No more complicated codes for your customers or staff to remember. Turn your existing wifi into a viral, social-advertising hotspot while making wifi part of your customer service experience.

Your customers can check in on Facebook, view offer specials & provide invaluble feedback right from their mobile devices.


4. Get customers to share their experience.

Referrals are the life-blood of any business. Make it easy for people to share your content & recommend your business, especially on mobile!

Our strategy is to make every Facebook & Instagram post, every webpage view, every piece of content & every visit to your location an opportunity for your customer to share their experience.


Make your world bigger.

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Build relationships with your customers & like-minded businesses. Together, we are stronger.


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